Geri Babestation

geri from babestationShe’s the long-serving anchor on famous babe channel Babestation, and tends to run the late-night extreme shows, but opinion is split on Geri from Babestation.

Some see her as an annoying distraction – endlessly chatting and getting in the way of the sexy girls trying to show off their bodies.

Others think Geri tries to sell too much, and would rather she wasn’t always on the screen trying to convince people to phone in or press the red button.

All of that doesn’t matter much though, as Geri is a very fit bird in her own right.

She is a proper hard body with a great ass and lovely perky tits – the kind of girl we all just want to rag around the bedroom.

We bet she’d be well filthy in bed as well.

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If you’re a fan of Geri, then there’s no need to have to wait until she’s on Babestation to see her in action.

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Geri has long been a favourite of Babestation fans – although her constant chatting can sometimes detract from hers and the other girls’ hot bodies!

She’s one of the all-time greats though, and has anchored plenty of classic Babestation moments.

One problem is that we don’t get to see enough of the cute little hard body that is Geri from Babestation.

Not any more though, as we’ve pulled together all the best pussy pics and videos of Geri…